Pit Bull Mix with Terminal Cancer Enjoys Her Bucket List Wish for a ‘Day of Destruction’ Party


A special party thrown in honor of Ella the dog may have been bittersweet, but that doesn’t mean in wasn’t a blast.

The 5-year-old pit bull mix was a pregnant stray in need of medical care when Rescued Ohio plucked her off the streets. According to ABC 8 News, the pup was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, when she’d only been living with her foster mom, Brittnie Baker, for two months. However, Baker and her friends and family are dedicated to giving Ella the time of her life — for as long as she’s feeling well and her four paws are still here on this Earth.

Ella’s crew gathered for the sweet gal’s birthday party on Saturday. The event was dubbed a “Day of Destruction,” for Ella: “She likes to destroy toys, so we figured we’d give her a day where she could just go ahead and tear up [the toys] and not have to worry about her [ruining] all of her toys,” Baker told ABC 8 News. There was also pizza for the human party-goers to destroy.

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Rescued Ohio, Ella’s original caretakers, were invited to the bash too. One of the organization’s staff members, Leslie Walker, said she is heartbroken about the dog’s life expectancy, but knowing Ella doesn’t have a lot of time left makes honoring her even more heartwarming. Walker said seeing her happy and rolling in the grass was “very rewarding.”

Ella’s foster mom and the rest of the Rescued Ohio volunteers have made a bucket list of activities for the beloved pooch. This ‘Day of Destruction’ was just one fun item to cross off, and we wish Ella many more dog-tastic adventures to come.

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